Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Fine Art Equine Photographer's Rant

I am an ARTIST. I am not a commercial photographer. When I go to a horse show or venue, I am going to photograph. I am going to photograph horses. I am going to create my art with those photographs….and yes…..I am going to try to sell them! Am I going to try to sell them to the competitors at the show? No. Not directly. I am not going to give out my business card. I am not going to poach your customers and I am not going to undercut you. In fact….my prints sell for between $120 and $400+ dollars each. So you have no worries that anyone looking to purchase a photo of their horse at the show is going to purchase one of my photographs. But if someone who was at the show, sees and likes my work at some time down the line, am I going to prevent them from purchasing my work. Heck no! I need to make a living too. I know that the same cannot be said for others who come to the shows with their professional cameras and big lenses. I have been going to these venues for over 6 years and have never been harassed about my being there. Not until I bought a professional lens. Now I stand out in the crowd. Well you know what…I have a right to do my work there too. I am not competing with you. And…I hate to say it, but if Joe Blow uncle has a really nice camera and he is taking pictures of his niece and her horse, and they no longer buy photos from the OP…..well maybe, unfortunately, being an OP is an obsolete career. And nothing I am doing is affecting that reality. Cause you are not going to be able to keep Joe Blow uncle from taking beautiful pictures of his niece. Times, they are a changing. Making rules to prevent people with big lenses from coming onto the show grounds, or race tracks, is not going to protect the job of the OP. IPhones take beautiful photos too. I know what I am talking about. My husband has been out of work since last October. He is an architect and he does not work on the computer. He still draws at a drawing board. His job is obsolete. Does it suck? Damn right it does! Can he change it by preventing people with CAD skills from applying for the jobs he wants? Come on now…Of course he can’t. So I am glad to introduce myself to you when I am on the show grounds or racetrack. I am willing to tell you what I do. But, be forewarned…I am doing my work there. And I am selling it on my website and in my gallery. Although it will probably be a year before I market my images. Am I making a profit….get real, I am an artist. Would l love to…you bet. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Act of Photography

The act of photography is the process of distillation and elimination. My photography is more poetry then prose. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Creative Thoughts

I have been thinking about why I don't photograph people and why, in my images, I try hard to not show a person's face. On the surface I can say that it is because I am not comfortable in front of a camera. Or that I worry about model release issues.....But really I think it is more about how a viewer engages with a photograph. If there is a person's face in an image, is it possible that it makes the image more of a documentation or representation of "what is"? And is it then possible that without an person's face, an image can what the viewer brings to the image and is open to becoming their interaction with the image? The image can then be about them and not the "other".

Friday, May 25, 2012

What Is Art?

ART is when the product of a person's craft moves you in ways you had not thought possible.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Life of an Artist - part 2

When are we supposed to have time to make the art we are supposed to be spending all of our time marketing?

Life of an Artist

To be an artist, apply "within". But be forewarned - Must have a thick skin!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I am researching the question of what it means to be Mythic. Is there such a thing separate from the idea of Myth, Mysticism and Spirituality? Does it reside in a place between all of these? And if so, how do I manifest it in a visual way? Deep thoughts today.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Virtual Studio Auction / Sale update

Virtual Studio Auction / Sale ends in just 10 days. These Gelatin Silver prints are signed, numbered, dated and either framed or matted. Once the auction is over, I will be popping them out of their framed or matted and most will be retired from the current printings. What that means, is that in the long run, they will retain or increase in value over the images that I will keep printing until their full editions are completed. So these images may only ever be printed or available in editions of 2 or 3 instead of editions of the full 15. Something to think about as their minimum bid prices are just $100.00. Contact me with any questions

Thursday, February 16, 2012

52 Photos Project - Week 6

Nina the Gottland Pony.


Bodhi in the Sky - shot on medium format film and scanned to jpeg
The quality of a piece of fine art is not based on the equipment or process used. It is how well you use the tools you choose. AND - how successful the piece of art is has much less to do with the process and more to do with the artist.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Creating ART is an act of intention. Not an accident. The moment you take out the "tools" you use to create with, you are working with intention. You are already making decisions that will effect the creation. I pick up my camera and load it with B&W is an decision and an act of intention. I have already started to direct the process just by doing that.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Decorating with my Gelatin Silver Prints


Interior design idea for using my Gelatin Silver Prints in multiple arrangement to cover a larger wall space.

52 Photos Project - Week 5

I bought myself a new digital camera body. A Canon 7D. I am enjoying the new possibilities.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vritual Studio Auction / Sale

Check out the Virtual Studio Auction / Sale on it's own blog!

Provocative Thoughts #2

I have always said that I was a photographer because I cannot paint, draw or sculpt. But maybe I got that backwards. Maybe nature abhors a vacuum. Maybe, I cannot paint, draw or sculpt because - I Am A Photographer.